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Most podiums, wood or acrylic, has always been made with the logos as a permanent part of the fixture. World Plastics of Michigan, Inc. has taken the effort to design a podium which allows the logo to be removable, and serves multiple options for not only replacing logos for guest speakers but the resale of any of our podiums or communion tables after using them for a period of time.
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Announcement / Registry Stand
Podium Obadiah
Podium Obadiah
Lectern Stand Lazarus
Podium Pinon
Offering Table
Offering Table
Podium Moladah
Podium Moladah
Lectern Stand Joseph
Podium Gabriel
Communion Table Jonathan
Podium Jericho
Podium and Communion Table
Flower Stand
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Full view of sanctuaries with podiums and communion tables.