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The Main Category For These Subcategories is "Display Blocks & Bases"

This thumbnail page allows you to search by pitchers, many of these items have multiple sizes and colors available, to see the details of any item click on the category name or copy and paste the item name into a search box.

 1. Acrylic Columns & Beveled Bases  3. Acrylic Mirror Bases
 5. Solid Acrylic Blocks
 2. Acrylic Economy Bases
 4. Clear Acrylic Bases
 6. Wood Bases

Beveled Round Base
Square Beveled Base
Solid Acrylic Column
Beveled Base

Top-Beveled Corner
Cut Base
Square Beveled Base
Flat Bases
No beveled edge
Smooth Polished Edges - Large
Round Economy Base

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Clear Stick-on Feet. Categ 19-116
Clear Stick-on Feet
Acrylic Mirror Base. Categ 19-116
Acrylic Mirror Base
Beveled Oval Base. Categ 19-116
Beveled Oval Base
Peg Base. Categ 19-116
Peg Base
Mirrored Z Riser. Categ 19-116
Mirrored Z Riser
Clay-like Tack. Categ 19-116
Clay-like Tack

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Label Base
Octagonal Base
Clear Acrylic Base

5. Solid Acrylic Blocks

Large Acrylic Block

Round Wood Base
Square Wood Base
Round Wood Base, With Coved Edge

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