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The main category "Mannequins & Bases"
This thumbnail page allows you to search by pictures. Many of these items have multiple sizes and colors available. To see the details of any item, click on the category name or copy and paste the item name into a search box.
Swim Wear/ Lingerie Form
Jersey Covered Forms
Women's Flesh Tone Torso Form
Misses Torso
Male Torso
Male Shirt Form
Infant Form
Female Shirt Form
Fleshtone Blouse Form
Toddler Form
Female Torso
Maternity Form
Child Shirt Form
Self Standing Male Torso
Self-Standing Children's Chest Form
Junior Torso
Mannequin Base
Male Action Torso
Men's Torso Form
Men's Muscular Shirt Form
Jersey Covered Forms
Millinery Heads
Clear Acrylic Bust
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